An art and design group contributing to known knowledge and refashioning bias.

An art and design group contributing to known knowledge and refashioning bias.

    active projects
  • Trivium Art History

    2010 - present

    Online art history textbook. Used worldwide as a free resource for information on artworks and artists from Mesopotamia to Modernism. Love, and Enger

  • Self-Paradise

    2013 - present

    Generative web art using hashtags and images submitted in realtime via the Instagram API. 2013 - Exhibited at Daywood Gallery, Philippi West Virginia 2014 - Exhibited at ArtPrize 2014, Grand Rapids MI

  • Say Something Deep

    2012 - present

    Real-time feed of ruminations by unknowing participants using hashtags extracted from Twitter. 2013-2015 - Exhibited Le Meridien Chambers

  • Dec 1st

    2015 - present

    Cross-country dialog via scanner.

  • Life Waiver

    2014 - present

    Interactive Mandatory Legal Participation Art.

  • Telephone Game

    2014 - Present

    Whispered message transmitted through physical space, documented on video.

  • At-Will


    Legal documents defining power differential in the breaking of contracts.

    completed projects
  • Tracing Syria


    Hour per day meditation on distance, dehumanization and patience. Illustrator, found photography.

  • F3331

    Windowless office converted into micro gallery. 10 shows of student and professional work

  • Severability

    Legal document converted to art piece, used in preface of all online works.

  • Alters are Tools


    Minoan bull alters rebranded as messengers of truth / consumer iconography.

  • Rough Cases


    Product design for recycled cardboard technology cases. Kickstarter campaign.

  • Yes No Maybe

    2011 - present

    Interactive,Quantitative, Glass is Half Empty Installation. 2011 - Minneapolis Institute of Art 12 x 12 2011 - Present - Chamber Art Hotel Love, Plattes, and Enger

  • Sans-Paintings


    Art history described through mathematical and logical formulae.